Liaison Interpreting

This type of interpretation is mainly used in groups with a small number of participants, when the meeting needs an immediate interaction between the parties; this is suitable for:

• meetings and trade negotiations

• b2b

• business trips abroad

• fairs

Consecutive Interpretation

The interpreter translates small portions (5-10 minutes) of the speaker’s speech, making use of a particular note-taking technique. This type of interpretation is suitable for:

• short meetings and congresses

Simultaneous Interpretation

This type of interpretation implies technical equipment (booths, headphones and microphones); the interpreter translates simultaneously the speaker’s speech from and into the foreign language and the audience listens to him thanks to headphones. Normally there are two interpreters, who alternate (30 minutes each) in order to guarantee appropriate rest shifts. This type of interpretation is suitable for:

• international conferences or meetings with a large number of participants

Whispered Interpretation

In this type of interpretation, the interpreter whispers simultaneously to one or maximum 3 people.